Peter Cowley studied Engineering and Computer Science at Cambridge University. He started out working in IT and project management for a large software services company, before moving to Germany to join an industrial computer manufacturer and then subsequently co-founded his first startup, Gercom GmbH, in 1981.

On his return to the UK, in 1984, he founded Camdata. Camdata has had an interesting history, having closed, been resurrected, been sold to Microscribe, been bought back again, then bought Microscribe, then bought Transtech. At its peak in 1990, it had revenues of low £Ms.  For the last decade, it has been a stable, profitable micro SME.

In addition, over the last 17 years, Peter has had many voluntary positions on charity trustee boards, and on returning to Cambridge in 2004, started mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in startups.

As of 2018, he has invested in 65+ tech startups as an angel, is on the board of eight of these and has several roles in the early stage ecosystem.  For more info, see


Traffic light terminals:

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