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Camdata was formed by Peter Cowley in 1984, when he returned from Germany after setting up Gercom GmbH.  The company has always traded under the Camdata name and has always been owned by Peter through Camdata or Axxon.

We have delivered over 17,000 products during that time (now over 53,000 with Microscribe), undertaken over 2,900 projects and had revenue of more than 16 million.

Our strength is the ability to provide a low cost design and small to medium volume manufacturing service, by using the 200+ core sub-systems that we have implemented in the last three decades.

We specialise in rugged, fixed and handheld computer equipment and specialised industrial/retail networking and have very large customer and installed product bases, especially RF and RFID.

Peter Cowley - Founder and Managing Director

Peter Cowley - Founder and Managing Director

Peter studied Engineering and Computer Science at Cambridge University. He started out working in IT and project management for a large software services company before moving to Germany to join a computer manufacturer and then subsequently co-founded a new company. On his return to the UK he founded Camdata. He has also been an active angel investor for several years. His invested sectors include web and mobile software, energy, biotech, medtech, security and construction. He has led investment deals and is a non-executive director of several angel-backed startups. In addition, Peter has held numerous Charitable Directorships and Trustee roles.