Schering (previously Fisons, Agrevo)

Camdata designed and manufactured a sample weighing system for samples of plant cuttings after varying dosages of potential herbicides. 

The system was installed in the late 1980s and replaced with a more accurate system, which interfaced to their laboratory computer system in the mid 1990s. 

Using DRDOS –based Camdata/188 rugged PCs running Camdata software, the system was replaced with a central PC connected to rugged Camdata/T31 terminals via MSLC RS485 cards.

Schering rugged PC

Northern Irish Plant Breeders and INRA

Northern Irish Plant Breeders handheld computers

In both cases, we provided Microscribe handheld computers, loaded with the customer’s software to help with crop trials.  Data is collected whilst observing crop growth in the fields.  The computers work in a potentially hot/cold and wet environment.

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