Financial Services

Dealing room keyboards

Camdata designed and manufactured a large quantity of custom keyboards for Datacorp – an innovative London based dealing room system supplier. 

Dealing Room Keyboards


Dealing Room Keyboard close-up

The keyboards were compact, rugged (coffee spillage and some rough treatment expected), contained a very large amount of RAM and flash memory, had a fully PC-style keyboard and soft keys around the screen.

Dealing room information feed

Information Feed

For the world’s first Inter Dealer Broker, First Equity, we designed and manufactured many hundred compact 9-inch CRT terminals, which were fed from a financial information data stream via an RS232 interface.  Our Camdata/T40 electronics provided a DEC compatible VT 100 emulation with a small keypad to allow the dealer to select information pages.  

Lloyd’s Insurance market terminals

A supplier to the Lloyds Insurance market asked us to develop and manufacture a very low footprint DEC compatible terminal with standard low cost PC keyboard, mounted on an arm.  The reasoning being that desk “real estate” is hugely expensive within the Lloyds building and desks are necessarily very small. 

Lloyd's Insurance Market Terminal - side view

Lloyds Insurance Market Terminals

We had just 6 weeks to design and manufacture the first batch of 10 terminals based on our Camdata/T41 platform.

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